whatever happened to gimmick costumed wrestlers

Calgary, Alberta
October 23, 2011 12:14am CST
during the 90's we have those gimmick costumed wrestlers who doesn't really wear wrestling gears, now the only "costumed" wrestlers we have are Mexican luchadors. 90% percent of male wrestlers are just generic shirtless guys and most of them wear the same freaking gear, Remembers the times when we have Undertaker,Kain, Gangrel, The road warriors, HonkyTonky man and many more. Now all of them have no gimmicks and wears the same wrestling gear almost. It sorta still exist in the women's division but theres like only 2 the rest are just generic sexy women. I know gimmick costume wrestlers were a bit corny but wrestling have higher ratings when they were still around cos they were interesting characters,
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