What Lindsay Lohan needs to do to get back on track?

@katie0 (5212)
October 23, 2011 8:15pm CST
If you were her what would you do to stop going downhill? I mean she was the most popular girl for few years, she could sing and act, and really I think she wasn't bad. I think the first thing I would do would be stop drinking, doing drugs and trying to be on events all the time. I think she needs to disappear for a while and rebuilt her appearance. Can't take someone doing this to their own self. Low self esteem really bothers me. What would you do if you were her?
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• United States
24 Oct 11
I think she needs to start paying attention to what she wants in life, and not what the media or her family wants for her. I feel awful for her. When you grow up in the spotlight, there's no time for a real childhood. Her parents seem pretty unstable, so her upbringing probably wasn't the best. The only way to make it in Hollywood (Which is such an unstable environment in itself) is to have a positive support system...And obviously Lindsay's parents couldn't be of much support to her, since they can hardly support themselves. Dina is better than Michael, but we all know Michael is a head case.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
4 Dec 11
You couldn't be more right. It is really sad indeed, I just don't get how as an adult she doesn't try to have some self esteem. But her parents, wow! No one could ask for worst parents than hers!
• Mexico
25 Oct 11
Hi katie: I agree with you. This is the first step. It's not time to blame people who might be influenced her or her parents for example who weren't with her when she was a teen star. Seeking for help and try to be with people that don't represent the things that have brought her to this point. Avoiding parties, trying to find her way, etc. That's what I think she should do. ALVARO