So When is the right time to flirt and how is the right way to flirt.

@nerein (283)
United States
October 24, 2011 6:21pm CST
I am not one who is known to flirt with a woman. Part of it is because I am a shy person and part of it is because I don't know how or when to flirt. Now this is mainly for women to answer. Although if some men have some suggestions then please add them. Mainly what I want to know from the women is when do they feel is the best time to flirt. As well I want to know is how do women like being flirted with. I mean are there certain words or phrases. Or are there particular looks. Certain look of the eyes or what. Now for any men who respond I would like to know the best way to get over being shy about flirting with a woman. From the men who do respond let us all know what kinds of flirting have gotten you a date or a girlfriend. Like I said I am oblivious to the art of flirting. Yeah go ahead and laugh if you want.
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• United States
24 Oct 11
I think it's always the right time to flirt with a woman! You just have to come to terms with not being scared of rejection. Everyone gets rejected once in awhile, so you have to learn to deal with it. For every woman who rejects you when you approach her, there's a handful of women who won't. Once you get over the fear of rejection, you should just go up to a woman you find interesting or attractive, and spike up a conversation! Make a comment about her eyes, her smile, just compliment her with a smile. Someone said to me one time, "Put it this way, if you go up and flirt with someone, there's a 50/50 chance of them going out with you. If you don't go up to them, then there is a zero percent chance of them going out with you." That's so true!
@Shavkat (66784)
• Philippines
4 Dec 12
The act of flirting is not acceptable for traditional people, especially in conservative countries. Every actions is strictly followed by people. If not, it will become a great impact in their society.
@LittleMel (14055)
• Canada
24 Oct 11
you can flirt any time just pick the right words, throw compliment to the woman you like and see how it goes worst case scenario, she ignores you, then you know she doesn't like you move on to the next person you'll get used to it