The right time to have/adopt a child.....

United States
October 25, 2011 6:45am CST
I am a single male, 35, steady job with a pretty good standard of living. Recently, I have this urge to have a child. But I am still in a selfish type mode in my life and not sure if now is the right time. The one thing I don't want to do is have/adopt a child and end up regretting it in the long run. On the other hand I think having a child will slow me down and that won't be such a bad thing. I know that I will make a great parent but something is holding me back and I think it's the timing of it all. Is there ever a 'right time' to have a child?
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• Philippines
25 Oct 11
I think it's better for you to marry and have your own child.Sorry,but I find it strange why single men will sort to adoption when they are capable of having their own children even if they will be in their 80's, so what's the rush?
• United States
25 Oct 11
I wouldn't say its a rush. It's just a feeling that I have almost like a void in my life that a partner can't fill. I look at kids now and I am really looking forward to having one. I get what you are saying about having a biological child but so much drama comes with that especially if the two parents aren't together and I just want to avoid that. Even thought about a seragate but that is a long process as well.