motorcycle lane

@leinrix (489)
October 27, 2011 12:39am CST
is this motorcycle lane really decrease motorcycle accidents and helpful to prevent too much traffic or it is just the same and do nothing helpful
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@champoy186 (1638)
• Philippines
12 Nov 11
Having a motorcycle lane is very useful. It also makes the road more organized. It can help prevent motorcycle accidents since all motorcycle riders will be on the same lane. Riding a motorcycle is much safer.
@ralphs (209)
• Philippines
29 Oct 11
the MMDA chairman FRANCIS TOLENTINO is so stupid of doing that motorcycle lane they put it in the almost middle lane in commonwealth WTF! so the private vehicle, and public vehicle like buses(BIG!), jeepneys, van, will cut the motorcycle because they want to change lane so they will pass by the motorcycle lane, what a law passed by dumb MMDA chairman they dont think of the life of the motorcycle riders, last night they were accident in that motorcycle lane 3 motorcycle were collided because they bus cut the motorcycle lane imagine 3 motorcycle then one big bus who will suffer? of course the motorcycle and all the riders where blamed it to the lane that MMDA chairman was implemented, they bring hassle more to the motorcycle, in my mind i also blamed that motorcycle lane. i am irritating now because of that MMDA chairman. last week the MMDA chairman suffer an accident because of her motorcycle were crash the bone in his arm was dislocated. what do you think? that's karma or what? make a choice.
@ybong007 (6658)
• Philippines
27 Oct 11
Having motorcycle lanes is good in a sense that those riders who swerve in and out of traffic or those riders who just pops up either on the right side or left side of a vehicle all of a sudden can't do it anymore, if they do they'll be penalized. More like this policy is to protect those riders from harm from themselves and also the other riders near them. For me, these lanes are not necessary if drivers are well disciplined because traffic is really not the problem it's the attitude of the riders. Which means that no matter how many lanes they can come up with if not fully observed and implemented, accidents will still happen.
@bembzee (769)
• Philippines
27 Oct 11
It does help, people are much safer now. Even by just looking at the situation staying in the motorcycle lane is safer than driving with other bigger vehicles. On the other hand,their safety also depends on them. If you're careful accidents will not happen... Right???
@harries (99)
• Philippines
27 Oct 11
Well, basing on the reports, motorcycle lane does reduce the accidents that are happening. Its in the premature state so we can't judge if it is good or bad yet. but I think, it will reduce the accidents especially by motorcycles. :)