what are your motivations

October 27, 2011 4:19am CST
as a christian what is your motivation for joining mylot, is it for the money, make new friends.i feel if this is you its a wrong mindset cos the internet should be a vehicle in which you reach out to people with the glorious gospel of our lord jesus christ giving them hope, joy unspeakable full of glory. the internet and mylot have given us the opportunity to change the world from were you are for God. so make the most of it and watch all your needs met.
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@chiyosan (29911)
• Philippines
27 Oct 11
I am here in mylot for the rewards i would be getting. that if the first motivation i have, to be perfectly honest. Next would be the fact that i am able to share and vent here in mylot. I have gone through serious issues, have gone through mis understanding with my mom, and have even gone through a very painful experience that i am not even aware i would be capable of enduring. hihihi
27 Oct 11
the rewards good. what ever experience you been through god can fix them all up for you. remember he told us to cast our burdens unto him for he careth. when he says all he meant all and not some. the problem is when we try to solve issues by our own strength outside god we become frustrated and angry with everyone when our expectations fails us.you must know that god wants to get involve with every detail of your life, he doesn't want you to worry about anything at all. for your mum please go and reconcile with her no matter who offended who. you need her in your life and watch how the peace of god will mantle your life.
• India
27 Oct 11
Anybody would like to earn especially thru such a way where one is getting rewarded for expressing his/her views on various interests. Whatever I amdoing I will just think for a moment whether the step that I am taking is pleasing to God. God is not against this online discussion method unless it is devilish. So I have decided to join this community.
27 Oct 11
making money is not bad. but we should look beyond the money and help other come to know the love of god and this community is the best place to be in mylot as we help each other grow and give those words of encouragement and help proffer godly solutions to problems and challenges
• Romania
27 Oct 11
I've joined mylot because I want to earn some extra cash by doing things that I am already doing: chatting online, writing my oppinions, answering questions.
27 Oct 11
its also very good of you giving people solutions to their question.just keep at it