Cheers To The Pitbull!

@tessah (6621)
United States
October 27, 2011 8:57am CST
with the past few years controversial debates over laws being made not only to ban ownership of these animals, but even peta putting in their two cents supporting the eradication of the entire breeds population (yeah, THATS animal protection aiight ain it? but thats another discussion altogether) its nice to see this type of story making the news. kudos to Titan for speaking up for his kind to say "we arent bad dogs!" and bringing a little bit of positive press for the pitbull! do you feel as i do that it isnt the breed of dog, but the breed of human thats responsible for how they behave?
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• United States
31 Oct 11
its about time they get some GOOD press! i just read a few months ago where there was a house fire and the dog woke up the parents and they left their baby inside and the dog went back in and dragged the bassenett (sp?) out saving the baby
@Liliac26 (558)
• Romania
27 Oct 11
I firmly believe that, given some training and affection, all dogs are sweethearts. Humans, on the other hand, are not. The owners of those aggressive pit bulls should be held responsible for all the harm they've caused, to the dogs and to the poor victims. I'm glad to see these pups getting some positive press. Titan is one cool dog ;).
• United States
27 Oct 11
I agree and after watching two pitbulls with my own eyes eat this man up. They could get rid of the whole darn lot of them. People are no good and will continue to ruin these dogs lives. why make the animal suffer like that. get rid of them all and let life be as it may. I could not believe my eyes that poor man screamed for dear life. I saw him weeks after and he will never be able to wear shorts and feel comfortable again. they ate him up.