grr...the neighbor chi chi

United States
October 27, 2011 2:33pm CST
i dont know what to do about the neighbor dog. everytime i walk to my mailbox, he comes racing across the road to growl and bark at me. the hair on his back stand up and that terrifies me. he has done this on many occasons but the owners havent seen him this vicious. he tries to go after the ankles and heels everytime. i yell and scream for him to go home. i even tried calling their house to get their dog out of my yard. all they do is call him back over. its hard telling the neighbors that he isnt a nice dog b/c we have one too but we dont let him run all over the neighborhood. we are out in the country so there are no leash laws but from my understanding that it is against the law not to supervise them.
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• Romania
27 Oct 11
you should bark on it too, still if doesn't work, then why not put him to sleep, from time to time, it might become more relaxed. You may find something for to veterinary. Use some food. Make sure the owners doesn't get it.
• United States
27 Oct 11
i love animals and i dont want to cause any problems with my neighbor but im getting sick and tired of being afraid to go on my own yard especially when my 4 y/o is with me. i just dont know how to talk to the neighbors about it.