Is there any fast way to lose weight?

October 28, 2011 1:22am CST
Hi, I guess that was 2 months ago I tried losing my weight by doing jogging an hour per day and eating one and a half cup of cooked rice in a day. Yeah it was effective cause my weight was down to 48kgs from 51kgs. But it took long time for me to get my ideal weight. Now I guess I am now back to 50kgs. cause of too much eating everyday without doing exercise. Do you have any idea on how to lose weight fast?
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• Alachua, Florida
26 Oct 14
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@pahak627 (4198)
• Philippines
28 Oct 11
Losing weight is so hard. I also tried losing weight because I am overweight and I think I am already obese. Thanks, you started this discussion I may get some ideas to that I can also lose weight fast.
• Philippines
28 Oct 11
i have spent a lot of time surfing the internet, looking for ways on how to lose weight easily. i was looking for products that i can consume that would lessen my appetite and guess what, i found none. i think the fastest way to lose weight is to undergo surgery, which is ridiculously expensive. if you have enough money then go for it. if not, then stick with exercise and a healthy diet. nothing beats those two things.
@tessa9 (1086)
• Philippines
28 Oct 11
I use to model when I was in Sweden so I get the whole body image thing. If you have been jogging for an hour a day and just lost 3 kgs then I think that problem is in your eating habits. The problem maybe is your not eating enough. The thing is, if you try to eat too less all of a sudden then your body will react in a negative way. You can still eat all you want but gradually lower the calories that you eat. Remember to never get bellow 1200 because even if you lose weight, it will eventually come back and you will feel sluggish and just bad. I gained 15 pounds before. I just ate and ate. What I did to lose that is to first monitor how much I ate. I was eating around 2000 calories at that time. I gradually reduced that to 1200 calories and that took me 5 weeks. I did not over exercise. I did aerobics for 30 minutes three times a week. I can n0w do maybe an hour of aerobics. I lost the 15 pounds three months. My best advice to you is to eat. Eat what you like because the more that you deprive yourself with what you want, the more likely you will go back to your old self. The only thing is portion control. Eat what you like but practice portion control. Good luck!