1st wisdom-tooth extraction

@kaeirole (669)
October 28, 2011 6:07am CST
oh my..i just had my 1st molar-tooth extraction..unfortunately, i'm afraid of going to the dentist to get my tooth extracted since i was a child..so i always make sure that i take care of my teeth well..fillings and regular cleanings are ok with me..but with extraction, that's a different story.. and now..i'm blessed with my 4 3rd molars (or mostly known as wisdom teeth)..but unfortunately, all of it turned out to be a burden on me..two of it just grew on the wrong direction..it grew sidewards (facing to my buccal membrane)..so its disturbing me because the tend to wound my mouth..and the other two are impacted..guess i'm so lucky to have those 4 3rd molars..and all are for tooth extraction..wow..i don't know where to get courage..well..to make everything short..i did my 1st extraction this day..anesthesia was injected so many times because i still can feel a little pain..and now..i feel a little headache and pain on my gums..oh..and..i miss my tooth.. :) how about you??have you tried your molars extracted also? i envy those who don't have problems with their teeth..
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@khare_1005 (1310)
• India
28 Oct 11
these days many have this problem with their wisdom teeth. only a few are lucky to retain them in their mouth and i am no exception.i too have got 2 of them removed in one appointment as they to were grown in buccal direction.it would have been better for you to get both on the same side extracted together to safeguard yourself with the post operative pain and discomfort.next time when you plan for the other side,get both of them extracted together. you need not envy anybody for a wisdom tooth because its a vestigial organ and nothing more.so cheer up my friend.