Samsung Galaxy S2

October 29, 2011 9:28pm CST
Did you buy Samsung Galaxy S2? I have read from different articles that S2 is the most bought handphone this year. I think almost millions or billions of units were sold by Samsung Electronics. So are you one of these millions and billions of people?
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@mariahhh (1328)
• United Arab Emirates
1 Nov 11
It is the most bought smartphone??Really?? I am not a fan of Samsung Galaxy S2. I had an the first model of Samsung Galaxy before, together with iPhone 4, and I reallw saw a big difference. I totally loved my iPhone 4 better. Samsung Galaxy is like a total copycat, cheaper version of apple. I heard apple was suing samsung because they totally copied the apple software. And owning those two phones, the similarity is just too much. I don't know about the S2. Maybe it's better. I just know that it's slimmer.
• Philippines
31 Oct 11
It's still not in the billions (yet), but it currently outpaces the iPhone (I think) regards to HW specs, it is far more better than iPhone 4S (for me)...and I believe that it can run Ice Cream Sandwich with no problem at all...I would really like to have one...but its current price is just ridiculous...for just a phone
@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
30 Oct 11
i want to buy samsung galaxy, but i don`t had a money.. maybe if i had money but the first choice if i get much money is buy a new laptop...
@phillyguy (3008)
• Philippines
30 Oct 11
Billions of units sold for just a single brand? I think that's a bit impossible my friend and if that happens Samsung would be the richest company in the world. Probably millions and i'm not one of them, yet!