Powerful pride and hatred of Sophia

Pasay, Philippines
October 30, 2011 4:26am CST
I am having mixed emotions for the last Friday's episode as many people were really mad of what Sophia did for giving the Toy Company to Bobby. But there is a thing that I am happy here is that at least Sophia gave it to Bobby rather than Jessica. I mean at least Bobby became a part of that company for so long as he already knew how to handle the business and he has been Madam Anna's one of the trustworthy person up to the extent that he had experienced a lot of things like being embarrassed in front of many people. The bad case him was that he became greedy and desperate and he is just becoming the male version of Madam Anna. I would hate it if Sophia gave this to Jessica as she is really acting as social climber, and yet a lousy person who is doing nothing but drinking, flirting, and yet she does not know anything about business at all. Aside from that what annoys me is that she is treating Bobby and Miranda like her slaves and she is acting like a Queen as if she deserves to have that company. I could only think the implication on what Sophia did, it is a moral lesson that we must be really careful in decision making because there will be a point that in the end nobody to be blamed but herself. On the other hand what annoying part here is that she already knew the whole story of her mother and the reason why she has been adapted to others but then she didn't bother to understand it. It is also an implication that at times we are being challenge in terms of do what you preach. We can easily preach other people but there will be a point that we are not being a good samaritan whenever the challenge came. The thing that I want to learn to the remaining episodes now is that how would Atty. testify that Bobby and Miranda have stolen the information of Will and Testament of Madam Anna to the court? Do you think the employees of the toy company will be having protest against Bobby especially when they knew that Sophia is the real heiress of the Toy Company?
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@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
30 Oct 11
For me really not good to be find your self hatred it is not good to make bad with your neighbor because you are not follow what Jesus Christ do.
• Pasay, Philippines
30 Oct 11
I hope you are watching 100 Days to Heaven.