What Scoliodentosaurophobia Means to Me

@talfonso (246)
United States
October 31, 2011 8:11am CST
I have to admit that I'm an individual with scoliodentosaurophobia who has been living in Florida since 1999. There are a lot of things that burden me here. There are numerous hurricane threats, excessive heat, and of course, those small, pesky lizards smaller than an iguana. We Floridians have a lot of brown anolis. I must admit that those little monsters are unsettling. If they crawl up the screened roof for mating, I fear that they would fall on me. They might leap on my foot or leg and I have to admit that I recently had a nightmare about one or two crawling under my pants! But the real fear comes when at least one of them is indoors. Indoors. I used to live in a wooded area in Riverview and on the last days living there, I saw a lot of anolis on the fireplace screen and the dining room. Can you say scary, scary, SCARY? I saw one on an SUV my family owned during the move to my current town of Dover and I saw one in the bathroom of my then-new home. That's reason #302 why I'm moving my butt back to Northern New Jersey when I'm rich! I not only miss the fall colors, the New Jersey Turnpike trailblazers, and the places I've been when I was born and raised there! It doesn't have those darn anolis that unsettle me! All I have to worry about are the skinks. If you have some sort of fear of lizards, how do you define scoliodentosaurophobia in your own words and experiences?
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@reizende (16)
• United States
31 Oct 11
I can't personally say that I have a fear of lizards, although I do have a fear of getting germs if I have to handle them. I would prefer not to handle them hehe. As for the weather, I totally agree with you there. I miss seasons too. We have some cold days here, but its never a true seasonal change. There's only so much sand and palm trees you can handle until you get sick of looking at it. I would take the winter snows if it meant I can have the autumn leaves again.
@talfonso (246)
• United States
24 Nov 11
Exactly! Ditto for the anoles. I'm sick and tired of them going all over the place, especially when they are indoors. I just joined a good telecommunications company and when I make a lot of money with them, I'm moving back to New Jersey. You won't see any one of that annoying and scary type of lizards there. The only ones to worry are the skinks, but they are outdoors from May to September.