World population is to exeed 7 Billion today!

@mohkanari (1957)
October 31, 2011 12:41pm CST
World population is going to pass 7Billion today. I think it isn't a good news for the world. The pace of population growth is bringing serious concerns. People in many parts of the world still are with lack of food items and in poverty. This the time to mankind to think and plan a practical approach to the population growth.
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@ralphs (209)
• Philippines
4 Nov 11
yes we are proud that in the Philippines they make a one Filipino a symbol of 7 billionth baby, but don't forget that before we made it we filipino made the 6 billionth baby a symbol of 6 billionth baby is now 12 years old, come to think of it before they made a billion people around the world in times of hundreds and hundreds of years but now only 12 years in the making we made a billion people what the hell? it means the population in this world is so fast unlike before, it is so alarming to us because the poverty will rise again, but what can we say? babies are gift of GOD so don't complain:) .
@marguicha (102314)
• Chile
1 Nov 11
I didn´t know that. But I did know that 2 billion of the people on Earth are undernourished to say the least. And what´s worse, the food we have could feed them if they just took it where there´s lack of it instead of burning the surplus to get better prices. Did you know that there´s a site where you can donate rice by only playing some games online? It´s sponsored by the WFP of the UN and it´s called Check it and help. One tiny grain of rice multiplied by all of us that have computers make a difference. They "give us" 10 grains for each right answer.
@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
31 Oct 11
People usually said that having kids is not for selfish people. Now with this fact, do you think what people said about having kids will change?