Swallowing burnt cow dung ash

October 31, 2011 7:45pm CST
Hi friends, As I was going through the morning paper the other day, something weird and sad caught my eyes. It was an article about a 19 year old girl who swallowed burnt cow dung ash to end her life. The reason is she could not stand being harassed by her ex-spurned lover. According to the news, the girl had broken off with her boyfriend to marry a man chosen by her family. The rejected lover started tormenting her. Depressed with continued harassment, the distraught girl swallowed some cow dung ash and went into coma.She was rushed to nearby hospital where the doctors pronounced her dead. That is pretty shocking. What do you think?
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• India
1 Nov 11
This is really bad to listen.How can a person harass other person who he loves more?When ever i listen this sort of news the first this question will come in my mind.If a person loves anybody he has to be ready to give his life for her/him but not to take life from them....
• Malaysia
1 Nov 11
Hi anusha2128, You stole the words from my mouth. True love will produce sacrifice for the loved one. But in this case the loved one became sacrificial instead. Thank you for sharing your views.
@anhhai123 (161)
• Vietnam
1 Nov 11
It is so sad. I don't think why some people can kill themself? this life is still very happy. Noone want to die.
@phillyguy (3008)
• Philippines
1 Nov 11
That was a weird sad news. Poor girl the exboyfriend should feel guilt about that. Mind sharing the link for that news?
@djbtol (5498)
• United States
1 Nov 11
That is truly sad. I was reading of some ancient cultures where women who were grieving would eat handfuls of dirt. I don't know the full extent of what they were trying to do. If it must be cow dung, I think the 'ash' recipe is the way to go. Just have to figure out how to avoid that coma.
• Malaysia
1 Nov 11
Hi djbtol, Some ancient cultures can be really strange. After the rise of the germ theory, I'm sure many will agree with me that dirt eating is filthy.Thank you for responding.