someday you will understand,were the first to love yourself.

October 31, 2011 10:12pm CST
I have a boyfriend, and we have been in love for three and a half years.when we felt in love with each other, I did many things for him and get little from him.Then I felt unfair. I learn the most important thing is loving myself first.Now, we are in long-distance relationship,and we love each other very much.So,I want to tell eveyone:were the first to love yourself.
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@JulyKing (110)
• China
1 Nov 11
Good afternoon,waiting! At first,I just wanna tell you that you shouldn't care for who pays more if you love a person deep down because in my view,loving a person is not for any rewards! Of course,I agree to your opinion that love yourself firstly,it's right because there is no reason that you don't love yourself!^_^You will not love your lover better if you don't take care of yourself better! Now your boyfriend and you are in the distance,but you said you loved each other very much,so I think there will be no problem between you!You should believe you will have a great feature and not take the rewards more seriously than your love! Happy everyday and everything goes well!
• China
9 Nov 11
Hi JulyKing, Thank you very much for your comments. I am very sorry to reply so late. there is a problem bothering me. My BF gets used to that I take care of him and he is just like a child. He often asks me to do something for him and I don't know how to refuse him. I hope he can learn to look after me and I feel very tired now. How should I do?