Bleach: Hell Verse

Bleach: Hell Verse - Bleach: Hell verse movie
@secretbear (19464)
November 1, 2011 6:57am CST
Has anyone watched this movie yet? I just watched this movie a while ago and I felt I was already late in watching this since it was shown in theaters in 2010. But I guess the release of DVD was late so the downloadable came late. Anyway, I really had a great time watching this. Ichigo turned into his complete Hollow form again, lose control while inside hell and almost turned the real world into hell. My eyes feasted on a lot of battles which were not cut and to be continued but it was short (since it was a movie) and it was kinda new to me because I have been used to long, cut fights in the series. And no matter how cliche the story of the movie was, I still enjoyed it because of the fights and Ichigo's new form, thanks to hell's power. I wish there'll be another Bleach movie soon!!!
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