Can you still eat an expired Chocolate?

@enelym001 (8337)
November 2, 2011 1:53am CST
Yummy chocolates - I love eating chocolates!
My dad bought a box of chocolate in Russia 6 months ago and completely forgot to check whether it is expiring - he usually never checks But I am still eating it despite the fact that it is already outdated from the first week of October. That makes it one month today and I had just finished the last piece minutes ago. It did not hurt my stomach yet Previously I also bought chocolates that are expiring coz the cost of it is way cheaper than its standard price. But we usually finished it off before it expires. I was now thinking how long can we still eat expired chocolates. Is it still okay to eat it one or two months after it got outdated? Will you ever eat an outdated chocolate? Am I so gross for eating an expired one