Me and you are here .

November 2, 2011 10:43pm CST
Look's like i am feeling board in here so i am posting this that me is here,and you is here too. You post and response ,and you also same with me doing same thing .
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@eljayo (1107)
• Philippines
3 Nov 11
Hi! YEs indeed sometimes we get bored here in my lot.But no matter what we still come back and respond to other's post and post our own discussions. We share our happiness, curiosity,frustration, problems and a lot of our thoughts here.
• Philippines
3 Nov 11
Yes it is true no matters mood we have,we here and do anythin to share and post.. We are here sharing any ideas,opinions,problems,experiences,story telling and etc..good day
6 Nov 11
Today this is my lot, No Im not board but I do get bored sometimes. I know you wanted to talk to me but its really you I was talking too.But now I must go as this is becoming rather like Edward Lears Complete nonesence
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• Philippines
8 Nov 11
Ohh,sometimes i am also board in here and feel i do not interested to be here but i did sometimes force my self to do work.
@lampar (7597)
• United States
3 Nov 11
It doesn't matter it is you or me, whether you post, i respond, or i post, you respond... we all are in a big happy family call Mylot. We are all here posting, responding, commenting, and typing our day away doing the same thing. It is a cool thing to do.