question about Stabilizer / AVR...

@surfer222 (1714)
November 2, 2011 11:29pm CST
In the past i have a stabilizer / AVR connected to my computer (an expensive one with a coil in it). Then it got broken and i called some technician to fix it. After he fix it, i use it again without checking the voltage. After a while some problem starting to appear in my computer such as the computer suddenly reset, or computer suddenly hang. After that i turn off my computer and remove the AVR, then connect the computer directly to the wall. After that the computer run normally. Then i suspect that the problem was in the AVR, so i check the voltage on the output. it turn's out the AVR give a 330v output instead of 220v... How come the AVR done this? instead of making my computer safer, it make them more vulnerable. Is adding additional equipment like AVR really necessary for sensitive equipment like computers? Note: i won't fix this AVR again because it cost almost the same as buying a new one.
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