What do you like in Pattaya?

@meidiana (108)
November 3, 2011 3:34pm CST
I have ever been to Pattaya twice. I came there on November and January. I like Pattaya very much. Because what? Because it does not rain too much :-) I hate rainy day, due it cause lots of mud. And the public transport in Pattaya never stay too long in one place. It keeps moving forward even it has no passenger. I also like the people. Nice people. Most of them can speak English, even the public transport driver can speak English. And also the seller on the street can speak English, even not too much. Sometimes, I still find difficult to explain what I want to buy to them. I like some food, such as Pak Pak Luam (in Chinese, we say Cap Cay = sauted vegetables). I already have some favorite places to eat. If you like to walk around, you will find some good food very cheap. Some place charge 80 baht for Pak Pak Luam, meanwhile in some area, only charge 30 to 40 baht. In some area, we can find other food, such as Indian food, Arabian food. It is too bad I cannot find any Indonesian food. Really a big chance for Indonesian people to open Indonesian food restaurant in Pattaya. Please share with me about the places, food and tourists/guests in Pattaya. And be my friend :-)
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
3 Nov 11
Hello Meidiana. Very good that you have been to Pattaya and know a lot about the place. I have been to Bangkok a few times, but just once to Pattaya. I liked Pattaya very much, especially relaxing on the beach and enjoying the beautiful view of the Gulf of Thailand. Oh yes, there are many restaurants there serving delicious international cuisines. Have a nice day !
@meidiana (108)
• Indonesia
6 Nov 11
where did you stay last time? Many people said hotels around walking street are not "clean". Maybe because there are too many arabian who likes "chicks" stay over there :-) And I can say Jomtien is more interesting area. It is too bad, I could not come to Jomtien more often. And I still did not have a chance to go to Naklua Beach, which I believe the beach is more beautiful. Which area/city do you like to visit the most? Have you been to Jakarta or Bali or Bunaken in Indonesia?