Money making forums?

United States
November 3, 2011 10:38pm CST
Has anyone ever joined one? How do they work? What are the names of some good ones? I'll check them out.
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@khare_1005 (1311)
• India
15 Nov 11
i have consistently been paid by a GEV forum and i will recommend you to join this one.they pay 6 cents per post.and payout is at 3$ through paypal.
• India
7 Nov 11
Most of money making website's or forum's are fake . mylot is great
@browneyed (2526)
• United Kingdom
6 Nov 11
When I started off writing online for pay, I started with forum posting. I've recently gotten back into doing it. You could try the content creation section of There are always people on there looking for forum posters. I got a forum gig on there a few weeks ago that pays well. There's also It's a company that hires people to post on various forums. How it works: depends on the forum owner and what he/she wants, but basically you get told how many posts and threads are required, and the time period in which it's needed. Then you fulfill that requirement. Good luck.
@anitha123 (253)
• India
4 Nov 11
I never tried some other sites than mylot because earning in forums through posts is a very slow process. We need to spend lots of time in every forum to get a small amount of money.
@br3ndy (468)
• Indonesia
4 Nov 11
Havent join any other paying forums other than mylot because it's hard to find a legit paying forums now. I think it's better to sticks with mylot since it's a legit paying forum and also it has many member for us to share with. Well at least it's what i heard from my friends since i'm a new member here but it was a great experience for joining mylot
@airkulet (2705)
• Philippines
4 Nov 11
Well you already landed here. This is a good site that pays you to participate in any discussions. I suppose that you already receive your payment, because your stat says your on thousands participation here on mylot.
@webgirl01 (693)
• United States
4 Nov 11
I haven't tried money making forums. hence, this is one of them - mylot. Other forums are just regular and non paying. I wish you good luck if you were able to find more good paying forum sites.