Working Children's Obligation to Family

November 4, 2011 5:44am CST
Friends. I would assume that you are now among in the working force of your country. My question is, how much do you give to your parents for household share? Do your parents oblige you to pay for the tuition fees of your younger siblings? Do you feel proud that you get to give a financial fare as support to your family? Or is your salary fully your own?
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@GemmaR (8526)
4 Nov 11
I think that children should be helping their parents out as soon as they feel as though they are able to do so. Whether this is financially, or whether they are simply helping to do jobs around the house, they need to be able to contribute towards family life from a young age. I got my first job when I was 13, and since then I agreed that I would give 5% of my income to my parents, and that they would stop buy things like clothes for me. When I was younger, this was only around £5 per week, but now that I'm a lot older and earning a lot more, I feel as though I'm giving more than enough money to them to be able to cover everything that I use in the house, and possibly a little bit extra, too.
• Philippines
6 Nov 11
Hi Gemma! How is it in UK? Is it really an obligation of the working children to help their parents out or do you do this because it is a way of reciprocating to your folks?
• Philippines
20 Nov 11
Hi grace.. Actually the one who had an obligation to the family are the parents..but as i here in phil. Most of the children are oblige to help not because the parents oblige but it is one way or another showing love. It is part of the culture to help and take charge when somebody in the family needs help... That is why it is family..stick together thru thick or thin...thanks for the post...
• Philippines
5 Nov 11
I am the youngest in the family, so I really don't have any obligation regarding supporting a younger sibling with academic stuff. But still, I do give my share of the expenses in our home. Previously, I was living away from home. I still contribute to home expenses, though it is only a small contribution. But now that I am living at home, I contribute a decent amount to the expenses. I do have a rice subsidy and the sacks of rice I get directly goes to my family. It is really a good thing that I can earn money now, and it feels better to be able to contribute well enough with the family's expenses.
@chiyosan (30079)
• Philippines
5 Nov 11
Ever since i started working, all the money i get, my salary goes to the family. I have no siblings who are still studying but i give my full salary for the household expenses. rent of the house, and the bills, i pay for them mostly. and including grocery. i do feel happy and proud that i am able to help them and i wish i could even give more that is why i wanted to have bigger salary and better benefits. it is all for the family. i am mis understood sometimes though when i feel sad i cannott buy my own stuffs. =( but i am holding on. i think i would be able to manage anyway.