how to tame pet?

November 5, 2011 8:56am CST
pets are cute and cuddly. they are domesticated and a little bit brainy. but some have a deleterious attitude and should be watched for. roaming around and even eating any stuff are very annoying. can you help me this?
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@Nero66u (32)
• Finland
5 Nov 11
Hello myleZrl, I want ask what kind of pet you have? I want tell about raising dogs. (my way) If dog bites of do his leaving indoors. I slapped dog to his nose and yelled "NO! BAD DOG!". He started to whine. Dog owner must show who is master. Dogs can be cocky also cats. ;) About cats, sometimes I have taked grip from fur of my cat's neck and pushed him on the floor and said to him "No". Animals understands when they see who is master. I maybe have harsh taming ways, but I have seen those ways works to my pets.
• Malaysia
5 Nov 11
I do agree with Nero on the way on taming the dog. For instance, i use to have a dog who like to bite the visitor slipper / shoes. You need to catch her on the spot and slap her with the slipper / shoe it bite. Then tie the shoe / slipper that the dog biten on his neck for few days. You may try this up... :0
@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
5 Nov 11
Hello MyleZrl, You have to be more explicit to get the answer you want. I don't know much about cats but if you're talking about dogs, I can give you some advice. Dogs usually do what we allow them to do. If you don't want them to roam around, make sure they are inside a safe enclosure with no chance to escape. If you don't like them to eating dirty stuff, don't create the situations when they can reach for trash. Put the trash in a safe bin and make sure your dog can't open it. And examples may continue.
@wulania (1528)
• Indonesia
5 Nov 11
what pet do you have? in order to tame pets, you must befriend, good friends, not master or owner of it. you treate it well, it will be your good friend