Priest's Homily Today

November 5, 2011 10:23pm CST
Today's homily was the Parable of the Ten Virgins. The priest had to ask the people who attended the mass whether or not we can be likened to the wise virgins or the foolish half. There were mixed answers, a few of the group claimed they can be compared with the foolish ones, and quite a number proudly said they are the wise ones. The priest then asked, "Who wants to be in heaven when they no longer have their godly time on earth?" Half of the crowd raised their hands. The priest said that it was presumed that some of those who did not bother raising wants to be in heaven but they already know it with themselves and need not let anyone know. So what's the relation? We can call someone wise when they have been preparing themselves for their future, when they have been pursuing the good things in life to be successful, to be ready when the rainy seasons come. The foolish, take no precautions at all. They disregard the fact that a storm can come and they are not prepared at all. We have all been busy living our physical lives but a few of us only know that as we struggle to meet our daily needs and demands, our life is composed of not only the physical life but the spiritual life as well. Our soul. While we were busy feeding our stomachs the food to live, are we as busy engulfing the needed food for our souls? What is the food for the soul? It's the Holy Mass combined with prayers. Everything in the celebration are the fundamentals to fill our soul for us to be ready not only for our physical future but as well as our spiritual preparation. Are you well prepared? Are you the wise or the foolish? PS. These are just points from what I've heard from today's homily. If you are an atheist, a nonCatholic or one who comes from another religion, I don't mean to offend your practice. I'm just saying these as a Catholic and that I wanted to share this subject with those who are interested. :) Have a blessed Sunday everyone!
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• Indonesia
6 Nov 11
I am a catholic. This morning I went to church with my wife and baby. I have read the Sunday Gospel reading before; that is a parable of ten virgins. Unfortunately I do not follow our priest's homily, because I'm very very sleepy. Last night I keep our baby until the early hours. He went to bed and sleep at three o'clock in the morning. Forgive me if not listened the pastor's sermon carefully. I am more interested to reflected on the meaning of OIL in the parable. In my opinion, the wise girls are symbols of people who not only listen to the teachings of Jesus; but rather that they carry out those teachings in their daily lives. That's why the say "well known by the bride, which is Jesus himself. While the foolish girls are symbols of Jesus follower who also received the teaching of Jesus. Just unfortunately, the stopped at the stage of hearing,knowing, and perhaps even preach to others, but they are not practicing it themselves. They only know about Jesus and His teachings cited. Then it can be understood when Jesus said, "Sory I did not know you." Distinguishing between the wise and foolish virgin girls is OIL. OIL, according to my understanding is a symbol of love deeds a person does for others. As a prerequisite to a person worthy of entering the Kingdom of God, acts of love can not be loaned for granted. Each person must strive to preserve in faith, hope and love.
• Philippines
13 Nov 11
Thanks for the comment and I've read this too late. :) I know we almost have the same understanding with the parable so I guess I have to agree with your points as well. :D God bless!