Puggle anyone?

United States
November 5, 2011 11:18pm CST
My husband and I are thinking about getting a Puggle after Christmas. My husband works from home and I am nurse working only 3 days a week. We have a going on 2 year old daughter. I did some research that they are good family dogs. Anyone have a puggle?? Concerns?? Dislikes?? Loves???
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• United States
8 Nov 11
My sister bought my nephew a puggle. That puggle was the cutest! To make a long story short, my nephew couldn't keep him. They gave me the dog. I was SO excited. That is, until one day we left him home alone. When we got back about 2 hours later, "Every" drape in my living room and dining rooms, had been chewed up! And I mean, shredded! Bout a month later, we were leaving again...I decided to keep him in a bathroom. When we returned, everything in the bathroom was chewed up! My robe hanging on the bathroom door, the shade in the window, the toilet paper and wooden roller, a belt, etc. Me & my daughter decided to drop this dog off at the pound. We get there and the place is closed. He's lucky that night. We decided to run in Walmart next door. Like a fool, I left the dog in the car. We come out of Walmarts about 20 minutes later and my car is attacked. The back seat is full of piss, the back panel is chewed up, the turning signal handle is chewed up......I was fuming!!! The following day a friend of a friend came and took the dog. They're cute but I believe they can NOT be left alone! They will deff destroy!