I also love and be loved

@cikryah (183)
November 6, 2011 12:03am CST
I would like to share with you my experience love and ultimately our relationship was not to be as I dreamed. Only a dream. features that are available to him really impressed me even though we only difference one year of age. He was long with my brother first. First met with my father when I went to my aunt the brother of my father the youngest. There, I only managed to see him without talking or there is a love to him. When my cousin sister, the daughter of my aunt that I mentioned earlier, is getting married, so I and all my family and with my family of my uncles and aunties will be staying at home to be the bride a week before the wedding begins. After a few days there, when my new wedding ceremony to meet again with the him. Without my interview, the wedding night, he asked my cousin brother who is also the cousin he was my phone number for him. but, at the time, I still have no phone because I still not afford to have it. I ended up using the phone my cousin brother who had to communicate with him in a week. throughout our relationship for two years, we only can meet with her when I wanted to go he continued to learn as I was now. It can be said six months we will meet once before I went home and before I left to go study. The rest we're just talking on the phone or even sms only. Perhaps because he was looking for women who are much closer to him so easily to him and talk face to face. However, there also is not good gossip that I heard about him but I do not believe it until he himself who told me that he had slept with another woman and now is pregnant. but I told my sister that he with women that have several times to drop their children for fear of family respectively. but, God has set everything in which I know also during this time I had been played by the right he was.Now and currently i'm still single because it is not important thing to me now. For me, the important thing is my studies and my future. How are you still single like me, is the story behind your celibate?
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• Lagos, Nigeria
6 Nov 11
hey, a long writing u got there. mine was due to distance, she travelled to a niegbouring country.
@cikryah (183)
• Malaysia
11 Nov 11
Hey, too long right. Maybe that some of my feelings that have been saved and now I can express in the form of verse that I did not save much of a burden in my heart now.