November 6, 2011 1:10am CST
I always feel happy, even if in the small things or corny jokes....If you feel always happy its makes your life so light.... and makes you look younger.. so keep smiling always...
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@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
6 Nov 11
It is really nice to be happy always.The feeling is nice and great.Even though I have a bad day,I always make sure that I will be happy at the end of the day.Love and happiness everyone.
6 Nov 11
yes that's right keep up the happiness inside your heart... :)
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
16 Nov 11
I try to stay relaxed, and face things as they come. Life is full of interesting things, ups and downs, as they go on. Yet, there is always the bright light at the end of the tunnel ! So, just keep a smile on your face ! Keep a positive outlook !
@anhhai123 (161)
• Vietnam
8 Nov 11
Smiling does not mean happy. Someone just smile for relationship. Other smile when thay are sad. Just feeling smile is truely happy. I often smile with other or with myself. That also decrease my stress but not make me happy.
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
6 Nov 11
So true I smile at small things too and try to keep myself happy even if for the smallest reason. and yes I feel more healthier and alive when I am laughing and smiling than when I am just frowning or angry
@sql_cell (1429)
• Indonesia
6 Nov 11
Feeling happy, do not be demonstrated with a smile. With that spirit in the work, and always cheerful, it's a sign we are happy, though sometimes, in which we are happy to show, there is a little sadness that we cover.
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
6 Nov 11
hello, Honestly, I am also a happy person I always smile to many people I laugh and do some corny jokes to my friends which make them laugh also. It is funny that I love laughing but there are times that I dont smile and laugh because I dont like irritating when I am not in the mood or when I am serious. You know 2 other side of my mine is like a moody thing. ha ha but most probably I am still a happy person though I mood fly.