What The Frack

@teamrose (1499)
United States
November 7, 2011 1:23pm CST
The Marcellus shale "problem" in Pa. is very simple. There are those on the mountain that own land and are getting giant checks every month and windfall amounts for leases and there are those who live at the base of the mountain on .25 acres in a trailer or in what passes for "town" who are getting nada. It's the green-eyed monster of envy ... these poor people FINALLY get a ray of sunshine in what for a couple of decades now has been an economic wasteland and some of the spoil sports want to throw a bucket of water on the fire. There are also a bunch of cheapskate back-to-nature retirees who moved up there over the last decade since they were just about giving away houses compared to the civilized areas of Pa who are now up in arms just because someone else might be getting a couple of bucks and they have to wait at the blinking light behind a couple of dump trucks for two minutes. Couple them up with the usual suspects ... moronic "environmentalists" who are suddenly mining experts, transplanted New Yawkers who commute 2 hours one way to work every day because they can't afford much in their rat hole state, politicians looking to horn in on the "action" (either above or under the table) and lo and behold there is a "crisis". Usual script. Pack of worthless people. Before that gas was discovered unless you "hunted" or had a snowmobile or season tix to Penn State games no one gave two bits about the entire north/central region of Pa .... and most of us still don't unless we can get some cheap gas out of the deal. There's entire towns up there that were virtually abandoned and there ain't a young person in sight with an IQ above 80.
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