mentally delayed people and alcohol abuse

November 7, 2011 6:01pm CST
I searched google to try and find some answers and I cam up empty, so I thought maybe some of you might have some suggestions. I have a family member who abuses alcohol on an ongoing basis, I wouldnt say he is an alcoholic, just a bing drinker that takes it to far every time he drinks. He is also metally delayed and doesnt make a connection between actions and consequeces. He is in his late 20's but has the mental capasity of a 13-14 year old, he doesnt need assisted living or anything like that, his problem is mainly learning related. He works and pays his rent, drives etc.. and is a regular person like that but he just doesnt seem to get the fact that he is not invincable. Now to my question, how do you go about explaining the dangers of drinking and abusing alcohol and drugs to someone like that. Please no rude responses.
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8 Nov 11
That is a tough one to answer. Have you thought about getting those types of movies they show about what happens when you drink and drive. I am pretty sure they got them on all the dangers of drinking. But I know what you are going through. I have a brother in law staying with us that does the same thing. May god be with you on your journey to teach him.