THE HARRY POTTER SERIES (What did you like/Dislike about it?)

United States
November 7, 2011 8:34pm CST
If you are like me and you love the Harry Potter Series, what would you miss the most about the series? What did you like about the series? What didn't you like about the series? Do you wish that there was another book and/or movie being written? As I got to know a lot about the Harry Potter Series I fell in love with it because of how the series was written and made. I also liked the scenes that were in the movies because of what was done to make the magic come to life. I also enjoyed learning about all of the cast members and the crew members too. What I will miss about the Harry Potter Series is all of the magic and all of the scenes in the movies. Even though there will be no more movies, I can still play the games and read the books, along with watching the DVDs that I have too. I think that the Harry Potter Series will have a big inpact on many of us because of how much some of us love the Harry Poteer Series and how much it will be missed dearly.
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• India
9 Nov 11
I love the harry potter books rather than movies,because in those books author tried to show all frictions thing that we can imagine easily with the help of her writings.
@Anne18 (11036)
8 Nov 11
I dislike Harry Potter, can't see why people get so excited about it all as it does nothing for me at all. I have had to read parts of the book to two of my four children and we have the dvd's but I have never sat and watched a whole dvd just seen bits as I walk in and out of the room. The only good thing in my book about the dvd's are that they keep my son quite for a long time and I can get on with my jobs. But although I don't like Harry Potter I do think that JK Rowling is a very clever lady for thinking up the story of Harry Potter as it is a good story for children and it has brought her lots of money and made many people happy. It just doesn't rock my boat or do anything for me. Good job we aren't all the same in this world
@AishaBR (345)
• United States
8 Nov 11
personally dont like it the first one was ok but all the other just got old. They shouldhv just stick with the boo tose. the cast is all dad scary looking too.