Falling hair...any solutions?

@lady1993 (20427)
November 8, 2011 5:32am CST
i have noticed recently that when I comb my hair, the number of hairs that easily breaks have increased... I can see lots of hairs on the floor too. I am quite alarmed since I don't really have that much of a thick hair. Maybe it's because I use shampoo daily. How can I solve this problem, any advice ?
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@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
13 Nov 11
That is a bit alarming, maybe it is because of your shampoo- maybe it has too many harsh chemicals in it. You should try another shampoo an see the difference. If it still doesn't stop, go see a doctor.
@celticeagle (120516)
• Boise, Idaho
9 Nov 11
Sounds like you need to strengthen your hair shaft. It is common for a person to lose several hundred strands aday. But if you are sure you are actually having them break off that is a different matter. I would research what vitamins or mineral strengthen the falicles and be sure I am getting plenty.
@durgabala (1362)
• India
8 Nov 11
hair fall is very common now a days, this may be due to stress, pollution etc..not because of shampooing , hope u use the gentle ones. my hair started falling terribly after my second delivery.
• United States
8 Nov 11
I've had this problem since I had children. I have tons of hairs that fall out when I wash my hair or brush it. Sometimes I've noticed that helps is to not use heat on my hair. I don't blow dry my hair because it dries it out and makes it break easier. Also, if I don't put my hair up in a ponytail helps. Putting it in a tight ponytail seems to make it break more. I do occasionally use Hot Oil Treatments to help the split ends. Also, if you use a comb you need one with teeth that are spread apart. If the teeth are to close together they seem to tug and pull at the hair. Only brush your hair when its dry. You can reduce breakage by washing your hair less as well. This helps with not drying the hair out so much. If you have really oily hair, like I tend to have, you can use a dry shampoo to help with the excess oil. I recently read that you can add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to your condition to help prevent breakage. I've also read that deep conditioning your hair can help strengthen and prevent breakage of your hair. To deep condition you can put mayonnaise, which contains oils and fats that will condition your hair, to dry hair and leave in your hair up to 1 hour. Hope some of these tips help you out
@Seisho7 (172)
• Indonesia
8 Nov 11
I never got falling hair I dont know why but I think its because of my shampoo I never change since 11 years old hehehe