suggestion to improve concentration

November 8, 2011 5:37am CST
i have observed that i am not able to concentrate on a work for more than an hour. I badly need your help so that i can if not drastically , gradually improve upon my concentration. any kinds of suggestions are welcome. It would be of a great help.
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@jtj_hello (627)
• Philippines
8 Nov 11
I am so happy to be the first person to respond to your post. I experience it firsthand about a year ago. I am not able to concentrate on a lot of things because there are a lot of things that are going on in my mind. I can hardly sleep at night which adding up to the problem, What I did was informed my Manager about my situation and ask if I could take a long vacation leave(about 2 weeks) and informed him about my situation. Gladly he understand it and allowed me to take that leave. In the next two weeks I went to a general practitioner who then told me to consult a psychiatrist whom she referred. I'm glad that I followed her advice to go see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist then diagnose me as experiencing anxiety and depression and told me to take some anti-depressant ans spend more time with my family. I followed her advice and in 1 month of taking the anti-depressant and spending a quality time with my love ones I was able to go back in track. Probably what I'm trying to tell you here is that, have your self check by a physician. They know thus thing better than we do. Make sure you'll do it soon enough to avoid any further complication. I hope I was able to help you in a way.
• India
8 Nov 11
thanks for your valuable advice...
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
9 Nov 11
Don't you just hate it when there are so many distractions when you're trying to work? I'm a student and I have lots of studying to do and I tend to get pretty distracted too. I don't like studying, I prefer to watch Tv or hang on Mylot but when you have exams, you have to do them. Usually, I have music in order to concentrate. Even though that's suppose to be more distracting, listening to the radio helps me do my homework, study and concentrate much better. I sometimes study while I'm on the computer or watching TV, sometimes I would read my notes and hen glance at the Tv every now and then. So maybe try and multi task? But if you really need to concentrate, it's better to remove yourself away from the many distractions and start working. Just tell yourself that after your work is done, a reward lies ahead!
@rashima (72)
• India
8 Nov 11
To improve your concentration, you need to eliminate the hurdles that are distracting. Without removing a distracting object from the vicinity, you'll never gain concentration. When you lose interest in what you're doing, you tend to lose concentration. So you have to learn to make your work interesting by recalling the factors that made you choose this particular task and you must revisit your decision of why you preferred it. By reminding yourself of the aim with which you started that endeavor you can think of the earlier situation that made you decide on it and now you can tell yourself that you chose it to achieve it but NOT to leave it half-done. You must also know that if you fail to accomplish a mission that you undertook after a deliberation in the past, and if your mind perceives it to be uninteresting then your will power should drive your mind to get back to the promise made to your own self and by delving into the earlier inspiration NOW you can tame your mind to finish the task without any interruptions. It needs will power - which you possess abundantly, but unfortunately it's clouded by other priorities that hinder you as distractions.