Treasure of Compassion

@srjac0902 (1170)
November 10, 2011 3:04am CST
How do we face life? we do show our emotion at every event of our life.Often people react immediately and express their feeling and perhaps some will take time to ruminate over and assume an attitude. Sometimes perhaps we are misguided and we remain offended or feel the pain for having been fooled. Often we react positively or negatively and then we will have to change our openion. Some acquire that balance of mind and spirit. Whateven experience may inform them of reality they remain stable and serene. When we meet negative experience, it is natural to get angry and oppose. Some may keep silence and brood over, some may burst out with ironical remarks and some may attack directly. But some, fully knowing the reality keep silence and smile not to hurt. They have a great sense of compassion knowing fully the human fraialty. They may wait for an occasion and seek a moment when the person who provoked the negative reality calms down. When the negative emotion is over , most of the persons come to their real sense and then one can dialogue with them according to the accepted principles of life
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@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
11 Nov 11
For me yes it is life but if your compassion is more on knowledge by Jehovah God then you feel better.
@jtj_hello (627)
• Philippines
10 Nov 11
The things you had discussed on your post are really the nature of all human. When a person get hurt, we tend to remember it and plan on getting revenge. When a person got rewarded they thank you for a while then move on. Whenever, you hurt or harm someone be it intentionally or not, the simplest way to show your respect is by apologizing. It may be hard to do because of our pride but once it was accepted you will find it worthy of your time. If someone makes you happy, stick to that person and try not to let go of whatever relationship you have.