Why there are so many homeless people?

United States
November 10, 2011 8:26pm CST
I just cruise around downtown Atlanta the other day to look for a building as my destination. I realized that there were so many homeless people in downtown Atlanta. They stand in line waiting for charity providing shelter, food, and medical aid. Some even stand around the street corner, and ask for changes. Some even gone mad and shouting at incoming cars. That really makes me afraid to get off my car, and less travel to downtown Atlanta due to this aspect of the city. Majority of them are black, and shouldn't they even attempt to get a job somewhere to make improvement on their lives? What do you think?
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@Jimshe (2)
15 Nov 11
In part, economic are not so good as before, there are even economic recession. but sometimes the government overprotects the poors, and they can get food for free, then, why jobs!?
@Leocen (178)
• China
14 Nov 11
Maybe it's not because they don't want to, a lot of social or political reasons made them so.such as the raciak discrimination ...... hei,,do you feel tiny tinee disrespect to the black?
• United States
13 Nov 11
I could get all political on you but I'll spare you my point of view. I think it is due to most people owning a large amount of money and the rest owning not much at all.
• India
11 Nov 11
If they would have chance of getting jobs why they will be in such a position?I think we have to help them in giving some small jobs or otherwise we have to show a way of income for them to their survival.