Some of what I have learned so far

November 10, 2011 10:00pm CST
Do not let person's you know like to irritate you get away with this, they won't stop. If you are very sad and lonely, depressed have anxiety attacks. Sometimes all your therapy tools are right at home for you to use already. Play with your pets it is soothing and comforting, enjoy your sun shine days as much as possible then you can have things to look forward to when it is not so sunny out. Try to do things when you are not working or stressed out that will relax and sooth your soul even, like good foods,music,scents,soak in a tub,other spa like tools and minerals, meditate on whatever brings you the most peace happiness, fulfillment in this life. Dream big, do small until they can come true for you. Be more patient with your loved one's they may be back too. Enjoy time with your loved one's we don't ever know how much time we will get. Try to get good rest and eat healthier too. keep your body and living space as clean as you can. Don't believe every rumor you are told, don't stand for being bullied by the so called cool or more popular people around you, they won't stop. Live within your own means, trying to be like the the more fabulous people can be very over rated and sometimes you were liked well enough before you tried any of that anyway just because you where different and have to courage to just be yourself maybe giving others the same to do so themselves even too. Don't let people tell you that you must or have to do anything with your own body that you yourself are at all uncomfortable with or feel to be wrong in some ways.
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@chiyosan (30204)
• Philippines
12 Dec 11
I have learned a lot about life too. I think I am more capable of forgiveness now. I have learned that when you are hurt, just cry over it and tell yourself this will make you better; there is no need to be bitter and everything seems to be working out fine. I have learned that when others are envious of you, they will somehow backbite you, and say bad things about you - just laugh at the situations and it is them that is bothered anyway. you cannot put a good man down. I have learned that Loving someone is more painful than being alone. Sometimes I wonder why I thought having a partner is better than being single. Well. Love is really not what we see in the movies; it is not perfect and it is full of challenges and heartaches. But somehow it makes me happy. I have learned that most of the time, you should only be depending on yourself, and not on other people. They are more likely to just make you feel disappointed because you cannot always depend or rely on other people.