pacquiao vs marquez 3

@smikin (18)
November 11, 2011 10:20am CST
Manny Pacquiao, the 8th division champion will fight Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time. The result of this game will prove who is the best boxer between Pacquiao and Marquez. I hope they would give a nice performance so the viewers could enjoy their battle. Who would you like to win?
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11 Nov 11
pacquiao i believe in you! don't fail me just let the blood and adrenaline flow through your mighty body and knock out with your might and strength any opponent that dares confront you... show them the light with your mighty firsts, show the world the pain you can inflict and the passion you can exhaust and let everyone know that that's the reason you possess to defeat anything that crosses your path... anything that tries to impede you from achieving your triumph let your first pronounce your power paquiao let the sound of them make them all fear your name... just made it up today:P
12 Nov 11
I have to go with Pacquiao. He's been fighting in this weight class for a while now and Marquez on the other hand is not yet used to the weight class. I think the quickness of Pacquiao and his power punch will be the key to his opponent's loss. I hope he can get a knockout.
11 Nov 11
i go with pacquiao he's such a talented boxer as well as a good athlete:P GOOO pacquiao:P nothing against manuel marquez he's also good:P but never as great as the amazing pacquiao:P