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Calgary, Alberta
November 11, 2011 5:47pm CST
If you dont watch survivor, survivor doesnt air in your country, you hate survivor, doesn't know what the heck is survivor,or watches survivor but not the AMERICAN VERSION.....Please Have some etiquette,dont post![b][/b] This is going to be the next season of survivor.In the episode 7 of Survivor Thailand which is the 5th season,there is a twist where 2 tribes lived on the same beach, Well that twist will be done this season, but the only difference,Its going to be from the get go or the start of the game. so for sure we can see the rivalry between the 2 tribes to have more tension. We might also see some cross tribal alliances. I'm really excited for this season. Another thing,there will be no returning players,the cast is brand new! this season will be airing in February 2011. What do you think will be the possible scenarios if 2 rival tribes will live together? Anyway, there are 2 reasons why this season is done, first they will save lots of money since they will need less camera men, 2nd they want female players to be more aggressive. Bad news: Its located in Samoa again, Its like going to be the 4th time.
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• Philippines
12 Nov 11
Before I comment, LOVE the disclaimer. You can easily tell if the person commenting is really watching the show or not Onto the next Survivor, I have heard about some of the twists. Another major change too is that there won't be Redemption Island anymore. I am not sure if I like the concept of living in the same beach. Although there is a lot of potential for building tension in there.
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• Calgary, Alberta
12 Nov 11
I just got sick of some members who will post to get points, so I have to put disclaimers,so I can filter the right people. There is a member here who will post just to say "what channel is this show, what time it is" Imagine how awesome it would look like every post reward and post immunity challenge. I just hope this twist will really make the female contestants aggressive and not under the radar.