How do u know that this is a true love ?

November 11, 2011 9:03pm CST
First of all you will feel not interested in the woman body , I mean u will feel that u want her heart no her body !
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@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
9 Mar 12
I think if its a true love you really don't know the reason why you love that person and he/she can make you happy even you don't know the reason. I also think that is true love if you feel comfortable in that person and you are not asking for him/her to love you more,more that you love him/her. All you want is to take good care of them and you are ready to sacrifice many things just to be with them.
@mariahhh (1328)
• United Arab Emirates
13 Nov 11
I guess knowing that THAT person is your true love is very hard. Maybe that person is your true love if you can seen a future with her? Or if you feel happy when you are together, and you feel so comfortable with her. Just imagine your future, will you feel happy to a future with her?
@boyuancy (1709)
• India
12 Nov 11
There are 95% chances that it is true love but the rest 5% can just be infatuation. I had a crush on one of the girls and I believed I loved her with all my heart. It carried on for around 4+ years. During that period (and even now after realizing that it was just an infatuation) I cannot fantasize about her body.
12 Nov 11
It is true love if you don't know the reason why you like that person, I mean despite of his/her shortcomings or flaws you never even care except that you are happy being with her/him.