a first round knock-out by pacquiao

@ruegin (23)
November 12, 2011 4:35am CST
Freddie Roach in an interview predicted a first-round knock-out on Juan Manuel Marquez. The Marquez Camp has been very positive that Marquez would knock Pacquiao out in the first round. The conditioning team of Marquez decided to put more weight on Marquez to do the job against Pacquiao. DO YOU THINK MARQUEZ HAS THE EDGE OVER PACQUIAO BECAUSE OF PUTTING MORE WEIGHT AND BECOMING MORE STRONGER AS A RESULT?
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@ceasar09 (442)
• Philippines
12 Nov 11
I don't think that anyone of this fighter will be knockdown at the end of first round because the conditioning and training camps they have make them in good condition. Maybe at first round they will just measure their opponent power and speed and the consecutive round that's when we will expect the fight go hotter and hotter since both fighter are not afraid to slug to their opponent. This Fight will be slug-fest. I vote Pacquiao has the edge over this fight because he is much quicker than Marquez as you have said Marquez has gained weight for these fight and he is also older than Pacquiao. Good Luck for all Filipinos Tomorrow. =)
@ruegin (23)
14 Nov 11
thank you ceasar09 for your intelligent comment. I bet you saw the fight yesterday and you are right, all you said is 100% right. The fight went hotter and hotter and became boring for the Filipinos because they are used to seeing Pacquiao knockdown or knock-out an opponent. Marquez, thanks to his trainer Nacho who decided to let him gain weight, was so technical in fighting Pacquiao and the fight ended up in a hot controversy. Many boxing analyst said Marquez should be the winner. Others said, it was because of Pacquiao's aggressiveness that he was declared a winner. But I believe there is something hidden in the performance of Pacquiao against Marquez, and that is to lure Floyd Mayweather Jr. to become overconfident and decide to sign a contract to fight Pacquiao. Marquez was just a sacrificial lamb used as a bait to catch Mayweather Jr. This thrill of developments in the next few weeks get into my veins and the news on these are worth watching for. Any predictions on how will the news go?
14 Nov 11
hi ceasar and ruegin. yes, the fight between Pacquiao and Marquez was so hot and it became hotter after Michael Buffer announced Pacquiao as the winner. ruegin, I don't think the fight was a bait to Mayweather, Jr. I think Marquez had done a great job that Pacquiao couldn't catch up. For me, Marquez is the winner. I believe there should be Pacquiao VS. Marquez IV before taking on who should fight Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The news? a hot issue on the fourth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez. Never mind about Mayweather, Jr. It is not going to happen.
@ruegin (23)
15 Nov 11
jonas...i think what becomes a hot issue now is not about a possible Paquiao VS Marquez IV but the dirty tricks of MArquez stepping on Pacquiao's foot as often as he could..clearly, a very desperate act but so unbecoming of a dignified fighter like him. I retract my statement praising Marquez for all his efforts. Do you think Marquez deserves a disciplinary sanction by the boxing body for his dirty tactics?