Feeling cramp on my both legs while at sleeping

United States
November 12, 2011 11:00pm CST
After a whole day work yesterday, which is weekend, usually I get off my full - time job, I have to rush to another part - time job at night. Which I have to stand and run for the rest of the day. After I got home and rest for while before I get to bed, while I was at sleep, suddenly my calf was cramping, and it hurts a lot that wake me up. I have to get off bed and stand for a little while to ease the pain. Then I go back to sleep again. Before 6:00 A.M. in the morning, my another calf was cramping too, and I have to do the same thing to ease the pain. Have this happen to you before? My mom told me that because I stand too long for the day, and that is the reason cause such cramp and pain. I should exercise more to avoid it.
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@phoevy21 (29)
13 Nov 11
Ive also experienced that before. When I was on night duty at the hospital and we were very busy because we had many patients that time. So I was always walking on fast pace to get into rooms. The morning when I went home, I slept, after a couple of hours both my legs cramped and Its really painful. All I did was straighten it and elevated my legs against the wall. They said its because of the blood retained in your lower leg muscle especially the calf, due to prolonged standing or walking, like what athletes experience on a game. Just elevate the leg, or you can even massage it and youll be better
@Mashnn (4503)
13 Nov 11
Not exactly the same but I had very painful hamstrings muscle after I did a fun run sometimes. It was not a good experience.