did sumita williams become muslim??

November 13, 2011 8:09am CST
It is said that sunita william accepted Islam once she came from space.They say that when she was in space she discovered that all earth looked dark but only two places on earth were very light and those two places were to be Mecca and Madina. That made her believe those place to be scared she decided to convert. Do you know anything about that?
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• India
13 Nov 11
This hoax was created by few blogger and had never been true. In fact Sunita Williams said Bhagwatgeeta gave her inspiration and it was Lord Ganesha who was looking after her, I'm not trying to be mean towards any religion but I'm frankly telling you the truth, which I think I should let people know. Time and again she said and when she landed on earth she had Lord Ganesha's idol and Bhagwatgeeta with her to prove this, so she's not converted herself to Islam and all those stories and blog spots which are spreading this hoax about her are false, no offense to anyone, but this is fact, which needs to be brought to people's attention.
• Bangladesh
14 Nov 11
As I know she converted to Christian from hindu.How does she carry lord Ganesha and Bhagwatgeeta?She should carry bible. right? Can you give me the link?
• Kochi, India
23 Jul 12
Yes,under zero gravity brain does get damaged.lol This is a hoax,she never became Muslim.What happened in space that compelled her to convert to Islam?Most people become Islam,because they are more devoted to god?