My soulmate

New Zealand
November 13, 2011 9:05pm CST
If I hadn't known any better, I would never have guessed my soulmate was right under my nose. When I first met him it was his birthday. His partner at the time was a friend of a friend and she'd organized this party for him. She had invited us all over for a few drinks. We'd all only just recently met and didn't really know eachother well. My friends and I were all inside their home chatting away, then we decided to go outside and socalise. On our way out all of my friends said happy birthday to him, except me. I thought I didn't know him and didn't need to say such a thing. So I carried on with my friends and walked out. I noticed now, but I wouldn't have back then. He'd had his eye on me the moment he met me. To me he was just a friend of a friend. As the years passed by, he and his partner at the time had broken up. He moved in with my brother-in-law and remained there throughout the years. Every now and again I would see him and there were times when I felt the need to defend in certain circumstances. I didn't know why but I felt it was natural. It was like he was getting run-down for the wrong reasons. It was nothing personal but it was instinct. Over the years my relationship was at a standstill. It wasn't moving nowhere and it remained as it was. Much of my emotional feelings remained intact but I was hurting on the inside, but to me at the time, I felt I didn't want to end this relationship we had. The going was more good than it needed fixing. One evening, I was at home with my friend, and I confided in her about the attraction I had for my soulmate. She already knew everything about my relationship and she thought it was high-time I move on with my life. So she texted my soulmate and asked if he was interested in me. His immediate response was "yes" and the moment she told me I was immediately shocked. I took her text as a "he's not attracted to me' approach. But with his straight answer I felt as though I was a teenager all over again. From that night onwards, we would text eachother every so often. But we never had any physical affections. Sometimes we would connect on a spiritual level. It's true what they say "speaking without words" and this is how my soulmate and I would communicate. When meeting my soulmate alot of things had changed and I began to see everything as beautiful. Not only was I in love with this man, but it opened a sacred space within me. I felt on top of the world. Now one might say, when you fall in love with someone it's usually a natural thing that happens. However, there was more to falling in love, there was evidential proof. You see I was still in a relationship with my current partner, so there was very much limited restrictions. And it was almost like I was cheating on him which would certainly be obvious. But it was this block/restriction we had which made our love for eachother much stronger. With no physical affection we still communicated our love in ways we didn't understand ourselves. No matter what happened in our lives, the love was still there and the loving feeling washed over us. Often times when we saw eachother, we would immediately know what the other was thinking and feeling and we'd signal this to eachother. Noone would even guess that this communication even existed. It was like a slight nod of the head, a wink, or a laugh and yet we'd never actually spoken to eachother. Many thought it was unusual but there was never any evidence to prove we'd talked to eachother or anything. This one of the many wonderful things of being in a soulmate relationship. Today, we are still not together, but our love for eachother will always remain in tact. When you experience the wonderful love of a soulmate, you will feel whole and accepted in all that you do.The lessons you learn upon meeting your soulmate becomes much more worthy to you.
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