Is 2 Million Cash bond enough for the Arroyos?

@r3jcorp (1383)
November 15, 2011 2:47am CST
I already told in the previous discussion that I am in favor of the former President leaving our country for medical treatment abroad and just ask for a cash bond from them. But I don't thin that it is quite enough. The case we are filing them is a lot more than that, maybe the cost of half of their cash in bank would be enough, or maybe I am expecting it to be 10Million. So, whether or not she will return, we have lesser to loose. What do you think?
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@gcabando (314)
• Philippines
24 Nov 11
For me this is not enough because she was a very corupt at her tern and she steal so much money at that they. She will have to pay it with her life.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
16 Nov 11
Well, do not be surprise in such small thing, friend. Mrs. Arroyo is the boss of those eight magistrate who issue a tro... That would be $50 million because it's only a cent for them compare to billion they get from our pocket...
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
16 Nov 11
I think they could afford more, and they should have been asked for more and not just 2million pesos. they very well have more than that- they got more than that from this country in all of those years her family was at the malacanang - i think that is not enough! hmp i am so mad at the justices taking her side!
@JER616 (551)
• Philippines
15 Nov 11
The amount of Php2M is really very easy to raise for the arroyo's. Actually, what they got could really be nth times more. Your expectation of Php10 may even be not enough considering the amount that they could have gotten during her six-year term as president. It is actually not a matter of money now. It is an issue of trust, if they are really bent on pursuing the medical treatment and return afterwards or just to evade the imminent corruption charges that the couple would be facing and seek asylum elsewhere. gloria, despite her height, is very cunning. She definitely knows how to play politics and influence by using the right persons.