weight loss program by consuming natural food

November 15, 2011 3:55am CST
I always believe that food has greater impact to our health..No matter hard we try or doing hard exercises without taking care of what we eat then everything will be ruin or not working as per plan..I know this is the hardest part on any weight loss program, but if we able to control our food intake that will be great and helping us a lot..Consuming natural foods is one of the best solution since our digestion system will easily to absorb them into our body..So that we have more balance and even we can reduce our weight by reducing high fat and calories consumptions.. What do you think? Any natural food you always eat to gain weight loss?
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@wongchoiyee (7401)
• Malaysia
15 Nov 11
I have been eating normal all my life. I gained 20 pounds for the past 10 years. However, I think if I do exercise and eat a small portion of food, I can shed more pounds than I did before. I do not like natural foods at all. No offend. Sorry.
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• Indonesia
15 Nov 11
Well, you are right, sometimes great to have self discipline and able to control our self..Yes, natural foods maybe not suitable for most of people..I believe we should have good food combining as well..Meaning not everyone willing to lose their enjoyment of life by controling what they eat too much...I also consume natural foods which I like only..
@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
15 Nov 11
Hi there Omchesunche! You are right. Exercise and diet go hand-in-hand so that one would lose weight. I think it should be done with strong self-discipline and focus on the goal. I think what should be done with our food intake is to stay away from junk food and softdrinks or sodas. You are, again, right. Organic or natural food is healthy and would be effective if you want to maintain a healthy eating habit.
• Indonesia
15 Nov 11
well, you have good points my friend..self discipline is definetely a key for any successful diet program..I think the food intake and control not too much consuming those softdrinks or sodas will help us..maybe avoid smoking or too close with smokers, so we don't becomes passive smokers, is also helping out to reduce weight faster..