how to earn 20 dollars per week online?

November 15, 2011 9:02pm CST
I want to buy an ipod for learning English so I have to earn money online as I am still a secondary student. An ipod is so expensive. I wish anyone can teach me how to earn 20 dollars per week. I cannot write so well and so I cannot earn through blogging or write review.
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• United States
16 Nov 11
I've said many times on this website that making money online isn't the greatest idea of getting a stable income. I'm sure there's places where you live that you could go in and talk to the manager and see about working only weekends or select days after school. That way you could make a little more than $20. and if you'd consider it, you don't have to buy an iPod brand new. You could check listings on eBay and make sure you pick a decent seller with loads of good feedback.
16 Nov 11
I am still student and working outside is not allowed by my parents. Are there any wat to earn money?
@jtj_hello (627)
• Philippines
16 Nov 11
I am not sure how to guide you with your enquiry but why do you need and ipod to learn english. You can have the amazon kindle to do the job less the cost. If you don't think your budget will not make it, learn how to consider alternatives. Afterall, those two will serve you well in learning english. But if you insist, try to be patient, there are many websites that pays money but I don't think you will earn as fast you want it to be.
16 Nov 11
how do kindle do to help me learn english? What is it cost?
@sunny4691 (546)
• India
17 Nov 11
Hi, you can try Amazon Mturk to earn some money, its not very hard earning there, but you have to be from USA or India to earn from there. You can also try freelancing websites to earn good steady income.
@anhhai123 (161)
• Vietnam
16 Nov 11
I think it is difficult to earn 20$ in a week but it is no problem if you need to earn 80$ per month. You have to do too much, john some GPT sites and try to get more and more refferal. Where are you living? If you live in US or EU, it is easier. With asia, it is more difficult but not impossible. Good luck!