the rudeness..

November 17, 2011 8:07am CST
The rudeness of people simply astounds me. I cannot fathom how some people can be so incredibly ignorant to the feelings of those around them. But it makes me wonder how some people get this way in the first place? Were they born with the innate ability to make others feel like crap? Or were they socialised by other family members into just how to be a complete doosh? My parents taught me impeccable manners. Respect my elders. Treat those different from me with kindness and respect. To right my wrongs, no matter my pride. Which side my knife and fork goes on. The correct way to sit and present myself when in a formal situation. The right way to speak. The correct way to address other people.. and for that I don’t think I can ever thank them enough. But that isn’t to say that those who were not taught these things, are rude. No way! I have friends who are to say the least, very badly brought up.. that would still never disrespect another human being. But I have friends brought up in the same manner as I have, and they are obnoxious and cruel people! So then what does it then? Personally I used to think it was the belief that one is better than someone else, that caused people to act like this. But then how can the downtrodden with massive chips on their shoulder, act the same way? What are your views on this?
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@carmelanirel (20979)
• United States
17 Nov 11
Mmm, I wonder what brought this on, could it be a rude comment someone made on your post??? I don't know what causes people to be rude, maybe it has nothing to do with "how" they were brought up, but maybe the way they were treated by their peers or who they hung around with maybe?? I know my kids can be rude, and I nip it in the bud when they are, unless it is me, which I know is also wrong. Sometimes my daughter (she's 22) will get on her 9 y/o brother for saying something rude to me. I guess I need to pay more attention to how he relates not only to others but to me as well...
@kiran8 (15398)
• Mangalore, India
17 Nov 11
I agree with you ! people can be extremely rude and insensitive to others feelings !Education or even upbringing has nothing to do with it,it is inherent in some and cultivated in some.I feel that people imbibe whatever surrounds them during growing, formative years..But, at the same time there is always a possibility that they could change ! all the best and happy mylotting
• India
17 Nov 11
Manners are lesson which are taught by our parent in our childhoodays. We copy the same manners and culture which is praticedt by our parents. Keep your palm near to the mouth while yawning is a part of manners and using towel after washing is a part of manners. These simple lessons must be adopted in the children in the younger age itself.
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@Mashnn (4503)
17 Nov 11
That is a question that I think no one can be able to answer fully. In most cases, it has to do with both nurture and nature during the bringing up of the child. If you are brought up in domestic violence family or rude family, you will tend to be like that. Rudeness or attitude has nothing to do with tribe, race, haves or don't have. It has to do with that person and how you perceive others and the world that sorrounds you. In most cases, it is only a defense mechanism to try to avoid an embarrassment or to try to prove to others you are capable. The best advice is to try to avoid such people or else you will never find your peace.
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@SIMPLYD (86668)
• Philippines
18 Nov 11
Sometimes, we take it after our parents our manners in life. If you see that your parents are really good mannered and have taught you too well, for sure you will never have any rudeness.
18 Nov 11
Well, it's all about parenting. Good parenting will equal good children. Bad parenting will equal bad children. I don't really see it in any other way than that.
• Southend-On-Sea, England
17 Nov 11
I could be wrong, but over the years I've seen hero-worship figures behave more and more badly, and find that people tend to emulate the behaviour of those they admire. I also think that a certain section of people seem to think that manners and respect don't matter any more, and they see it as somehow old-fashioned, which of course it isn't. To go a bit deeper, I also think the philosophy put across in life since the early 1980s has been one of "me, me, me" whereby it's caused a lot of people to have ingrained in their personalities that they are the only important individuals, and that everyone else can go..........!!! (LOL I'd better not type what I was going to there, but sure you know what I mean).
@dpk262006 (56599)
• Delhi, India
17 Nov 11
HI! Good Post! I think those who are rude and show rudeness are actually frustrated on some account. They vent out and show their frustration through their rudeness. They themselves are seemingly heartless and devoid of empathy. I always try to be polite with others and talk to them in a nice manner. If by chance I lose my temper, I try to control myself and I immediately make amend for it (if need be by apologizing).