occupy wallstreet movement?

United States
November 17, 2011 8:58am CST
I'm trying to find out what in the world there trying to accomplish occupying the streets in wall street. Not only are they messing with my portfolio there messing with a friend of mine. I just don't understand how a guy on the wall street movement can walk around with a camera and film everything that's going on. How they can allow a protest like this in the united states to go on for more then 2 months can't wait till it snows then these people will go home to where they came from because its going to be to cold for them to stand out side crying like little babies and not trying to better themselves. They put themselves in this situation not the government, not wall street. The only difference between me and them is that I don't want to protest because i don't think it does any good once you do it for a while it becomes normal. Lets make progress not go back in time, any thoughts on this? Thanks, Jon
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@Fishmomma (11504)
• United States
17 Nov 11
I would also like to hear what you think should help now. Its clear that people need to work together for a solution to lost jobs, as so many people are unemployed including my daughter. She worked for 2 different places this year and both closed their doors.
• United States
23 Nov 11
sorry it took a while to get back I think the number 1 problem here are the banks yes they lent money out to "bad" borrowers but they made the loans not the borrowers. Now no bank in there right mind will loan to a common person because the "risk" is to high. If you own a small business your not credit worthy because you don't have enough collateral so you can probably not manage well and we can't help you. But since there money is sitting in the federal reserve collecting interest they are happy because they can't loose. instead of taking peoples houses through forclosure why didn't they help the people stop the payments and interest for 1 year I'm sure they could have came up with some kind of way to keep the people in the houses now there are extreme cases where this probably was not possible but for most they could have worked with them some how.
@Bluedoll (17067)
• Canada
17 Nov 11
Can we talk about this? Fair question, I think. Do you think there are any good answers? I do not want to take a side like being on one side of a barricade but would rather think of it as we are all in this together and can work together for solutions. God willing. I hope everyone responds in a positive way, that freedom of speech and peace do prevail. The protests have focused on social and economic inequality, high employment and corruption. The message was heard and now people are talking about these things because they are problems for everyone or as it has been stated 99%. I see your point on how something can become normal and not progress. How do we all "move" in the right direction and progress Jon?