@scheen (57)
November 17, 2011 7:53pm CST
hays... 2days to go before i get to start in my new work. im excited, nervous and i think so many things.. all mixed up feelings! but one thing really concerns me. how do i keep myself motivated? i want to always be motivated coz i know this will lead to my success! also i want to be always motivated coz i also want my subordinates to also feel that feeling in order to achieve succcess for all. can u help me out friends/people? i'll be managing 6branches per 2-3 staffs. i want to be a good manager and i want my team to succeed. thanks.
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@lady1993 (16834)
• Philippines
19 Nov 11
Well, you can think of the reason why you want to be successful or why you took the job.. And you can be a good boss if you are strict but also very approachable and friendly- learn to separate work and private life.. God luck..
19 Nov 11
You say if the person could increase his/her self motivation, s/he could increase the success level. At this point How can I increase my self motivation to increase my success?
18 Nov 11
motivation maybe lead to success....but bear in mind that rewards triggers motivation. the most important thing is you need to have high morale towards work so ull always get motivated without thinking of getting some'll be a good manager!
@SandeeE (346)
• United States
18 Nov 11
I think it's awesome your starting a new job. I would be nervous too but that's to be expected. Keep yourself motivated by staying busy. Switch up thing's when they become repitishous or boring. As a manager you'll be busy with much paperwork, meetings, seminars and problem solving. The biggest obstacle as a Manager in my view is dealing with the multiple different personalities you face managing many employee's. If you can take a class on this it would greatly benifit you. But in general, be fair, be respectful but not too nice. I would be the Manager you would want to manage you. I wouldnt ask of someone anything you can't do or wouldnt do? Treat them as people and not numbers. GOOD LUCK TO YOU, you will have to let us all know how it goes. Have a good night.