I would like some more happiness

November 18, 2011 4:45am CST
Many people I know seem sad, angry,or even very depressed for some things or another today. Cost of living too high, jobs to few, people hungry and in need every where it seems now. People who are getting by feel trapped in the middle here now too they really want to help the needy too but can barely feed there own family and pay the bills so on we move. The cycle keeps to go on this way. I have seen both sides how the very rich and very poor live and believe me money can't make you happy, but having some helps to ease some stress. I also fully believe now that being truly poor is just a state of mind we place our own selves into unfortunately and can't find the way back out again. Since many I have met said it's because there family or there husbands or wives never treated them right and that's the whole reason they can't make there life what they want it to be. Well, if that is really the true case there are some very rich people that shouldn't be rich either since they have had the exact same problems in life too. I do believe you need a great support system of both friends and family of some kind but you also need to learn how to manage your money more wisely and save and set budgets for things. This is just the reality it sounds boring and time consuming, even depressing too. But believe me, things can and will be allot worse off if you don't at least try to do these things. I mean everyday too, not just once a month or week. No big shopping sprees, and no over spending on things you won't use just want you must use it allot and really need it or just don't even bother to purchase it at all. Like me, I eat a special diet now for health reason's so up went the grocery bill. Then, there is the freezing temp. here so skin care is a must lotions,shampoo,and other hygiene products. What if you use a computer allot and a digital camera too, then up goes more costs for batteries, printer paper and inks, bills for internet service, and a new upgrade of lap top if something happens to the old one which happens usually every three to four years tops. So new computer costs to work at home online, maybe some products to prolong the life of your computer such as the dust sprays and maybe better PC service to come clean your pc or repair it too. These bills all add up as well too. I have looked into government grants, and I am still seriously considering one to keep my online earning going. I believe that in my area of Oregon where it is mostly ranch and farming communities and I am neither jobs are very few here, to do my best to create one is a good option as any. I know I and my family here would all be more happy with this happening too. Tell, me what you think and do you have some good advise on grant writing so I might be approved for this too. Thanks,A.B.
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@djbtol (5498)
• United States
18 Nov 11
After reading your post, I think I need some more happiness now. Just kidding. Your points are quite valid. It is the wrong path to continue seeing yourself as a victim because of some bad circumstances. Unfortunately, maintaining the victim status is exactly what you need for government handouts. But many wealthy families are burdened with life's complications, some of which are caused by money. Shall we allow them to be victims too? Many of us have not known what it is like to use every bit of strength, wisdom and guts we can muster to survive a situation or to accomplish a goal. Sometimes the solution can be extremely challenging. Many cannot imagine the necessity to go through such a hard time to reach a goal. But, maybe that is what is required. For instance, I watched a show about a heavy woman who went on a serious diet and excercise regime to lose weight. She ended up losing close to 150 lbs, but as I watched the amount of work, agony, determination, sweat and pain it took to accomplish that goal, I started to think that it was too much. How would I ever do that? Could I convince myself to do it, or would I continue to fantasize about an easier way to lose weight? It's the same thing with stretching your dollars. You may need to take drastic measures. Once you start to have some success, you will soon get excited about continuing the effort. Talking to myself here, too.
19 Nov 11
Thank you djbtol, and I just love the way you compare the weight loss with money budgeting too this does make some good sense here. very enlightening point of view, and inspiring too. We do tend to just give up too much just when we are coming out on top of something I agree absolutely. I am talking to myself now too, LOL:) Thanks,A.B.
18 Nov 11
A lot of rich people are unhappy while a lot of poor people are happy. But that doesn't mean rich people can't be happy nor does it mean that poor people are always happy. Money can not buy happiness but does make things easier. But an easy life doesn't equal happiness. Just ask spoiled rich kids who have everything but are miserable.
19 Nov 11
I agree too I have met some very miserable spoiled rich kids too, they usually are the kids that relate to my unhappiness the most too. I have never had allot of money nor my family but we never felt really poor either we had each other, love,family,a home,food,toys,school,all the things we really needed most of the times. So we did know of families who had far less then us too. We knew we had things good and should not take this for ranted and respect our elders who sacrificed so much to make sure we did have these things too. I believe some of this respect and being grateful for what one has is so lost on the more spoiled kids and they really feel like the poor ones because of this too. Plus, some kids are just shuffled around like things while parents work too much and spend no real quality time or bonding with them at all this would make me feel very poor too. Thanks,A.B.
@Bluedoll (17039)
• Canada
18 Nov 11
Well might not be much help to you but you did get me thinking as well. Since I’m not that familiar with grant writing your article prompted a search which brought me to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grantsmanship in their I saw that a grant writer starts with an idea that should be a help to society/solution to a problem. There seems to be great deal of research that needs to be done before the actual writing begins but once you think you have composed a good work can start searching for grants from the Federal Grants Index or Federal Grants Directory – Searching for Grants heading. What has occurred to me is that money is available, if we look for it, providing we have a good idea. I also am trying to loose my negativity with all the challenges we all face in these days of woe. Personally, I’ve gone through a whole set of depressing waves of disheartenment and have realized there isn’t much in that area, but more of it. Alternatively, I would like to think, if it is true, that is there is money around because in the end, money does generate more money, and lenders or grants are actions not in fact of spending money but of investing, so it is a win win situation for everyone, if the idea works that is. Depression is for losers. I do not mean this in a derogatory way, people with chronic depression should be considered to be sick like anyone with a sickness and need of our help – I meant depression our enemy, only hurts and really isn’t a solution to what we really want which is happiness, security and prosperity.
19 Nov 11
Thank you Bluedoll, for the great comment here and this link I plan to check this out too. I agree about your depression statement here too, it is a very terrile thing for sure. I also like to think of grants as a money generator as well which helps to add more to our communities this can only be a positive and not a negative really. Thanks,A.B.
@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
19 Nov 11
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